Hunting the sable antelope

The sable antelope is a majestic plains game species, it is the second largest horned antelope right after the kudu. It is a highly desired trophy animal amongst many hunters and it is one of the most popular plains game species. They are territorial animals, which results in some very intense fights between the bulls, sweeping their strong and sharp horns at each other.

It is recommended to hunt this species between the months of April and October, because the weather is cooler, drier and there is a clearer view at this time of year. When hunting the sable you will most likely find them grazing together in herds. Both sexes have horns, but if you are looking for a trophy bull, try looking across the edge of the herd. The bulls are proud animals and they like to stay away from the center of the herd. Remember that they are aggressive and they will charge if wounded, cornered or if they feel threatened. If you are using a hunting blind, try scouting an area beforehand and set up your blind near a water-source as they are frequent drinkers. As they are aggressive animals an accurate first shot is required, we recommend that you use at least a .270 WIN caliber or higher and be careful when approaching a downed sable. They have a good eye-sight and a great sense of smell, so remember to be quiet and take caution when approaching a herd and also try moving against the wind if possible.

When facing the broadside of a sable, we recommend a shot placement along the line of the front leg as shown in this picture:


This is the placement of the hearth and lungs and it will ensure that you hit the vital organs.

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