Hunting the Black Death of Africa

The Cape buffalo is one of the big five and it is also categorized as one of the dangerous seven, which isn’t a coincidence. Even though it is an herbivorous animal, it is extremely aggressive and it has a ninth place on the list of animals that kill the most humans each year.  It is a highly desired animal to hunt, partly because of its beautiful trophy, but mostly because of the thrill of the hunt.

If you are a hunter yourself, then you have probably heard many stories of a Cape buffalo charging and the adrenaline kick experienced as it gets closer and closer even though you have fired your first shot. This is an amazing experience that cannot simply be described in this article, but it is something that you will have try for yourself.

Hunt the Black Death

If you are looking to hunt one of the big five and haven’t bagged this amazing creature yet, the Cape buffalo is an obvious choice. Not only do you get to take down one of the big five, dangerous seven and the ninth most dangerous animal on the planet, but you also get to do it at a great price. The Black Death can be hunted in many locations across Africa, but nothing beats the trophy size and price range offered in South Africa.

African buffalo

We are currently offering Cape buffalo hunts in more than six different countries across Africa and uniquely organized hunting packages in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Take a look at: